Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wishlist #1 | Recently added products

I've recently added some more products on my never ending, mile long wishlist.
First up is Mac Eye Shadow in Soba. I know this isn't the most exciting colour ever, but after seeing Anna wearing it, I realised that it was the daytime colour I was looking for! It's perfect for a wash of colour across your lid and lower lashline, for a more undone-chic look. Need it. Now.

The second item is the Brow Sculptor in Taupe by Tom Ford. I've actually tried this product and it was really, really good. On one side it has a spooly brush, as most eyebrow pencils do, and on the other it has the tip to colour or fill the brows with. Now this tip has the perfect shape for the job – it is slanted and goes from fine to wide, so can you either define precisely or just fill in softly. And a perfect texture as well. Love it. Only downside: the price tag. *Sighs*.

Lastly, is a liquid lipstick, of course. There seems to be a whole trend of these now. But this one really catched my eye: Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick by Hourglass, especially in the shade Empress, a beautiful berry shade. It has a matte velvet finish – which I tend to prefer – and apparently lasts for about 14 hours. Right, I don't know about that, but it should be very long lasting nonetheless.

Now, on my way to obsess about something else...

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  1. I want that TF brow pencil! Looks amazing