Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top picks | Net-A-Porter autumn 2013

As promised, here's part two of my top picks from the autumn 2013 collections, this time from Net-A-Porter. You know, that dangerous site that sells amazing designer clothing and accessories.
By the way, if you don't live in the UK, you can get the new Charlotte Tilbury make-up collection here.
So, without further ado, meet my selection:


Let's start with a bright hue, shall we? This season is all about making a statement with outerwear, and let me tell you, you won't go unnoticed wearing this beauty.  |  Next, a khaki and black textured-leather biker jacket, an essential piece that goes with any outfit.  |  Addicted to skinny pants? Well, they go nicely with this leather and wool-blend felt cape (that has a little hint of cashmere). How cool does it look?


Would I prefer spiked studs? Sure. But this is a very close second to that dress worn by Cara at the Met Gala. Plus, I'd feel more comfortable with this neckline.  |  Ooh! This burgundy dress is a beaut! Just click on the link (in the caption above) to take a closer look at the amazing detail.  |  A twill dress with many, many herons would typically scream "girly" or "cute", but the clever choice of dark and sophisticated colours balances the look.


White dress, black opaque tights, standard.  |  For the urban girls out there: get a leather dress. You'll be amazed by how often you'll end up wearing it. Just make sure it fits perfectly.  |  Can you guess my favourite colour? I believe this item wouldn't be here if it came in different shades, only.


Fan of black? And lace? This top combines both and features a nude lining at the front and the back, making it more practical. Combine with skinny trousers to balance the feminine look.  |  One of the major trends this season happens to be my fave: the tartan. This interesting version was created "by folding the original design into small overlapping pleats."  |  Another example of macramé lace by Christopher Kane. A more toned down and casual version for daytime.


Grunge style? Metallic painted effect? That's the recipe for the perfect pair of skinny jeans. I'm keeping an eye on this brand...  |   I have many pairs of skinny jeans with zips. Still, I'd like to ad this coated number to my collection. The shade is quite interesting, reminds me of those nail varnishes that are almost black, but not quite.  |  I know, I know, it's a controversial item. But this bold print will add some excitement to an otherwise plain outfit.


These leather shorts can go from summer to winter. The neutral shade is an ideal choice when pairing with pretty much anything in your closet.  |  Not a fan of bold prints or colours? These silk shorts are subtle, yet have an interesting detail up-close.  |  On the other hand, the more noticeable contrasting panel on this stretch skirt, allows neutral-lovers to make a statement.


If you found the mini office bag too mini, this textured-leather tote might be an option. The golden chain makes a nice contrast against the rich berry shade. Find more colour options on the Michael Kors website, including this khaki number.  |  A versatile bag that suits every occasion, from daytime to casual dinners.  |  Basically, an upgrade from the office bag, if it fits your budget...  |  There's always a Skull clutch that stands out, and this season, this is the one. Take a closer look at the Swarovski crystals and gold beads.  |  The happy collaboration between Zanotti and Rubik resulted in this black suede clutch, clearly inspired by 70s rock glam.  |  This brick leather clutch is the perfect addition to the urban girl's closet.


The square heels with small gold studs are just too cool.  |  This shoe style is one of my go tos for daytime. Love the lace over nude leather.  |  You don't have to read the caption to know they're Miu Miu...  |  This season's version of Tribute Two in a lovely burgundy shade. You won't see me wearing 6 inch heels very often, but I'd definitely wear these.  |  The contrast between the mute matte dark-grey and the industrial shiny silver cuff says it all.  |  The cone heels are glamourous and quirky at the same time. There's a good combo.


I regreted not getting a wide-brimmed hat last year. Getting one (or two) this year, for sure.  |  My favourite shape when it comes to sunglasses, paired with a gorgeous texture.  |  Because I love snakes and statement necklaces.  |  Who doesn't want to look like Karl? Ideal for autumn, but I'll be needing some finger protection during winter months...  |  Karl. Kat. Key. Ring. Need I say more?

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