Thursday, September 26, 2013

CHANEL Beauté Initiale Eye

It's always hard to review eye creams, especially if that is your problem area, because most of them don't live up to their claims. Luckily, there are good ones.

Around last year, I went to Sephora to purchase a new eye cream, because the one I was using dispensed its last dose that morning. Since it didn't perform too well, in my opinion, I wanted to try something new. I can't remember the true reason behind my decision to purchase CHANEL Beauté Initiale Eye, but that's what I took home in my black and white bag. I hope it didn't have anything to do with the beautiful packaging...

It's supposed to banish puffiness and dark circles, while smoothing the first fine lines. Since there's no product that can diminish my circles, lets analyze the other actions:

PUFFINESS | The pale pink cream/gel hybrid provides a cooling sensation that calms down puffiness and brightens the eye area.

FINE LINES | This line is meant for young skins, so don't expect major results from it. Nowadays, I would choose a product from the Sublimage range, for example. I think it does a good job on young skins, especially if the eyes aren't your problem area.

Bottom line: I really do believe in eye creams. Even if you're young, you should prevent against the first signs of aging. This is a good eye cream to do that job. I like the fact that it has a pump — way more hygienic — and dispenses the right amount of product each time. Makes the eye area look more awake, radiant and energized.

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