Saturday, March 02, 2013

Empties #2

My second post on products I've used up features some haircare, a bit of skincare and, of course, make-up. For some reason, I now have a lot of products that are almost empty. That's what happens when you use a lot of different things...

I'm on my second bottle of Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment. It's an amber coloured oil with a thick texture and a nice fragrance. By the way, there's a light version for fine hair – you can find it here.
I usually distribute a small amount of product onto the lenghts and ends of towel-dried hair, then blow-dry it. I use it on dry hair too, particularly in the winter – it absorbs quickly, thanks to an "evaporating formula". The argan oil leaves the hair nourished and really shiny. Just healthy looking hair that smells really good – although I prefer the scent of the light version, which is very soft and delicate. A great product to camouflage split ends, as well.

Soap and Glory Hand Food. Is there anything else to say, after this rave post? Needless to say, I'll repurchase it – when I finish my Caudalie one.

The next item, belongs to my essentials list, meaning, I need this at all times. La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes, or, the puffiness killer? A great option for dehydrated and uncomfortable skin around the eye. A refreshing gel that smoothes and refines the texture, providing a rested appearance, thanks to hyaluronic acid fragments, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin in the formula. I like to use this as a hydrating mask for the under-eye area, when I feel more dehydrated. Bonus: works well under make-up and is suited for sensitive skin.

In the highlighting department, I (unfortunately) finished my Guerlain Precious Light in the colour 2. This might be the best formula when it comes to highlighting pens – no visible glitter or shimmer whatsoever. Neutralizes any darkness with it's light reflecting properties. Just use it in key areas, like the inner corner of the eyes, on top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow. If you have a recession on the under-eye area, use just a tiny bit of this on the dark shadow – face down and look straight ahead on the mirror, you'll see it. Do not use it in puffy areas, it's going to make it worse.

Lastly, a mascara: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks. I like everything about this: the packaging, the scent, the wand and the formula. And, it's inspired by feminine curves and lace.
I like this brand since I was a kid. I loved playing with my mum's mascara and lipsticks. My head was swooning over that gold and luxurious packaging. When I learned that she actually used all Helena Rubinstein products, I was convinced that it was the high-end brand.
Anyways, the formula is elongating and volumizing, while the hourglass shaped brush really catches all the lashes, curling them. Holds well throughout the day and it's easy to remove. I find that it doesn't clump and feels natural and soft to the touch.

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