Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review | ghd IV Styler hair straightener

Heat styling... If there's one major addiction I can't live without, it's a hair straightener. I know, I know, it's very unhealthy and brings high levels of damage to your locks, but I truly dislike my hair without any sort of heat styling.

Now, if you're familiar with my previous posts, you might have learnt that my hair is very frizzy and unruly. And there's a lot of it! I don't really mind the shape itself — straight, curly, wavy, it's all good — but the texture bothers me. The shaft is quite thick and unmanageable, so I find that a little heat application makes it look softer and healthier, actually.

For those who have a lot of hair, you know how great it is to be able to control the volume. I like it on the roots, not on the lengths. Triangle mane, anyone?
Of course, I do my best to protect it and to prevent any future damage, especially since I'd rather keep my locks on the longer side. Always use heat protecting products that are especially conceived to use with high temperatures. There's a few good ones, but I found myself really hooked to the ghd's own Heat Protect Spray. Also, do treat your hair to a weekly (or twice-weekly) intense nourishing treatment. This will actually help to repair some of the damage and provide further protection.

Until 2012, I've had multiple models of BaByliss heat tools, but having read such good recommendations, I caved and got a ghd IV Styler. From what I understand, the temperature in this particular tool is 210º C, which made me a bit skeptical in terms of results — I was used to the very high 230º C temperature! But, let me tell you, even with a lower heat it didn't disappoint! If it's possible to achieve the same sleek, straight and long lasting results with fewer degrees, why not? Plus, the appliance has rounded edges that allow you to create impeccable curls.
Of course, I was intrigued when, after a few months, ghd released a new model, Eclipse, featuring an even lower temperature (185º C) and promising to "deliver the best and fastest results yet". Does it actually deliver? I'll stick to my IV Styler, for now, but I am curious to try it...

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