Sunday, June 09, 2013

Concealing (truly) dark circles

If you own a pair of these, then I bet you roll your eyes out when someone says "I suffer from really bad dark circles", but really it's a sheer blue/purple toned (temporary) shadow.
I'm talking about the real thing, as in whether you sleep well or not, it doesn't make the slightest difference. Along with those big brown eyes, you also inherited the dark circles around them. And I mean circles, literally.

What you can do, is to embrace the world of make-up to cover them up. Considering that we are are trying to make that area much lighter, in order to match the surrounding skin, it is not an easy breezy goal to achieve. At first.
There are quite different types of concealers or correctors to choose from, just depends on the final result that you're looking for.

This is an obvious choice and, probably, the first solution you think of. A concealer like Make Up For Ever Full Cover or Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil are the go-to options, if you want something that will last all day — especially in hot, humid weather — and effectively provide a flawless look.
They're less creamy and require a quick application, because they set. Which is great, since there's no collecting into fine lines during the day. But, it also means that usually the finish is matte — not the best option for dry skin types. Do opt for a shade that is just a bit lighter, considering that matte products usually look darker once they set.

The oldest trick in the book is applying a corrector with a peach or pink tint. Usually creamier in texture, correctors help to neutralize and warm up the the brown/ashy colour of the circles, brightening the area — ideal to use in the inner corners, since most people have a little receding area that creates a shadow. 
Top rated options include the notorious Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector and my favourite: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector. You wouldn't believe what a teeny-tiny amount of this liquid can achieve. Five stars.

I'm sure you've seen a lot of them around, lately. Both high-end and High Street brands have a product of sorts, but they are not all the same. One thing they have in common is the light reflecting quality, which is brilliant to brighten the inner corners, where it's usually darker.
Most of them have a beige/golden tone that allows you to wear it after your regular concealer, sparingly, bringing a bit of sheen on a matte or dull finish. Top picks: Guerlain Precious Light and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, of course.
Some highlighting pens have more of a peach or pink shade, that almost works as a corrector. Yes, the formula is more sheer, but for an effortless and natural "no make-up" look, the light reflecting attribute counteracts the darkness, allowing you to pull it of on it's own. Just rely on a product that works best for you, making sure that it's not very sheer. Do try Clinique Airbrush Concealer.
A while ago, I tried a sample of Burberry Sheer Concealer and was taken aback by it's coverage. Not only had the perfect corrector shade (Rosy Beige No.03), but the formula wasn't as sheer as I'd expected. I actually picked it up before finishing this post. 
I must mention a very important detail here: these are not ideal for photography, because of their light reflecting properties, which may not look great on camera. Unless they're used sparingly in specific areas, like the top of cheekbones or the very inner corners.

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