Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wishlist #3 | Recently added products

That's right, I've added even more products to my wishlist. It's only a meter long, so obviously needs more items... The real danger of having a wishlist, especially one that is so large, is that everywhere you go you see something you think you need. So you end up buying it... Trust me, I can justify anything.

First up: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder, as the name says, it's a compact powder that provides a natural healthy glow. I won't even talk about the super chic cream and black compact or the half-moon brush, but I'll say this: I'm always on the hunt for a natural looking powder and Chanel makes my favourite one. So, obviously I'm intrigued. Still, when I saw the ad for the first time I thought "I just got a compact powder from Chanel and I really like it, why do I need another one?". My excuse? This one gives a healthy glow, so I really, really need it! Also, Lisa Eldridge's video was really convincing. You can choose your regular shade, or, a shade darker if you want a bronzed look. Oh, and did I mention that this antioxidant powder protects the skin from environmental stress and sunlight? 

The second item is this Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit, which surprisingly I haven't seen much around in the blogosphere. The usual Clarins-style gold case carries three eyeshadows to shape and fill-in brows, a wax to hold them in place, a luminous shadow to highlight the brow bone, a little double-sided brush, a small spooly and mini tweezers. And a huge mirror. How amazing is that?

Finally, a very important skincare bit: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream. This is like one of those things that I needed before it existed, you know? Basically this nourishing moisturizer takes care of dull, uneven or dehydrated skins, by stimulating cell turnover, courtesy of my favourite exfoliant, Glycolic Acid, of course. Antioxidant-rich Argan stem cells and Vitamin C, help the skin to repair itself and protect from free radicals, whilst Lipo-peptide Matrixyl-6 stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid, for a plumping effect. More suppleness and less redness, wrinkles, dark spots and pores. Well, they appear smaller. FYI, this product is on top of my list.

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